Sunday, November 30, 2008

Andra Basora, Insurance Information Institute: Taking Insurance ...

Andra C. Basora, Vice President, Web and Editorial Services, Insurance Information Institute, at the 2007 Insurance Marketing and Advertising Summit in New York City, sponsored by Best's Review magazine and the AM Best Company.

Desir v. GEICO General Insurance Company

Florida Southern District Court. Insurance. Filed: December 19, 2007.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Comment on How Do You Handle the Health Insurance Dilemma? by The ...

[…] How Do You Handle the Health Insurance Dilemma? A reader asks: I am looking at striking out on my own and working for myself freelance. However, leaving the security […] […]


I am glad that there are insurances. I think this way we can insure us against the unexpected situations. These situations can bring terrible financial problems.

Airline and Cancellation Holiday Travel Insurance

If you have followed the news recently, you may have noticed that there have been a number of problems with the airline industry.

Find low cost insurance quotes


Searching for a Means to Save Money on Insurance

Saving money on insurance is often one of the most sought-after ways of making sure that a policy holder is receiving the best possible savings on their premiums.


New Delhi, The Indian Express Terming damage to goods by lightning as ‘accident’ rather than ‘electrical reasons’ as claimed by the United India Insurance Company, the State Consumer Commission directed the insurance company to pay Rs ...

Friday, November 28, 2008

On Vacation - Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

If you’re in the planning stages of your next vacation and they include a rental car, you may want to talk with your insurance agent about the rental car insurance options that you may have.

News - Big fines loom on debt insurance

It is humiliation time again for banks and lenders. Up to 10 banks and lenders are to be fined for the mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI).

North Carolina Homeowner’s Insurance Saving Money

North Carolina homeowner?s insurance can be affordable ? and even cheap! Simply follow these tips for saving money on North Carolina homeowner?s insurance. Choose your home wisely.

Comment on florida helps you compare homeowner insurance rates by ...

car insurances » Comment on florida helps you compare homeowner insurance rates by &aci… put an intriguing blog post on Comment on florida helps you compare homeowner insurance rates by ….Here’sa quick excerpt:insurance » Comment on ...

Denver insurance firm is purchased

Hub International Southwest has bought Waterfield Insurance Agency, the companies reported Thursday.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ken Melvin's Thoughts on Health Insurance

Ken Melvin sends some comments: ----------- Last night, Howard Dean was asked on C-Span, ‘Why not universal health care?’, responded that it was impossible to do in one svelte move because of the power of the insurance lobby.

Health insurance premiums up 6.1%, fast outpacing inflation and wages

Washington -- The rising cost of health insurance continues to drive a slow but steady decline in employer-sponsored coverage and an increase in the number of uninsured people, according to the author...

SR-22 auto insurance in Wisconsin

Reader’s question:. How do I reinstate my license after suspension in Wisconsin? Michelle. Good question.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Texas Company's Insurance Policy Certificates Issued To ...

Texas is a big state. So big, in fact, that when Texans come to California to find oil and gas and bring their Texas insurance policies along, we're going to treat them like natives, invoke California law and ignore Texas law.

Boiler And Machinery Insurance

Boiler and wood boiler machinery insurance refer to the insurance of machines. Boiler insurance is not applicable only to boilers, but any machine that generates electrical power, for example, generators, motors etc.

iraq insurance document with used fiscal stamps

What Is the White Balance Setting on my Digital Camera? Have you ever taken a picture of a beautiful winter scene and been disappointed to discover the crisp, white snow came out with a bluish tint?

Florida Style Insurance Reform

The politicians in Florida are congratulating themselves for enacting a homeowner’s insurance reform plan today. They’ve been at it for a week!

Insurance Advisor, Retail Branch - RBC Insurance, Edmonton

RBC Financial Group / Royal Bank of Canada (Edmonton AB): "We are seeking customer-focused dynamic team players that thrive in a fast-paced environment to provide professional and attentive insurance advice and solutions to..."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Travel Insurance Worldwide

Information on the insurance market and on Lloyd's. 3-D virtual tour of the landmark building. leaders about the future for insurance in the Middle East. Go Travel Insurance offers great value travel insurance & holiday insurance.

Ban credit scores for insurance

I recently upgraded from an old (really old) Acura to a newer (almost new) Civic. I called my insurance company to report the change.

Insurance scam or actual law?

Hi all! I need help. I just moved to North Carolina from New York. I just bought car insurance in NC so that I can get my NC driver's license, since I am required to be insured here before I can get my NC license or registration.

Jul 15, Business Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance for small and large companies find out what you need to know.

Florida Self Employed Health Insurance

The first Florida health insurance option available to the self employed is to simply apply for an individual health insurance policy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

General Jetski Chit Chat : Insurance to cover 15 year old

Author: gymjunkie Subject: Insurance to cover 15 year old Posted: 28/Jun/2007 at 10:55pm Not possible on a solo craft.

Why Does Health Insurance Cost So Much in New England?

I guess the easy answer is because health care itself costs so much in New England.

Insurance Question - Betterment

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I have a question in regard to insurance claims. My wife got rear ended a couple of weeks ago by a lady that wasn't paying attention.

Job Market :: RE: Health Insurance for freelancers?

Author: kathleen Subject: Catastrophic Health Insurance Posted: Mon May 28, 2007 12:44 pm (GMT -8) Topic Replies: 3 Since my two sons play sports and insurance is required or they can't play, I have had to maintain a pretty responsible ...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Private Med Insurance California

Hi... Do you have private med insurance (not through an employer) in the state of california... that you aquired AFTER you took any fertility tests? to figure out why you might not be getting pg? I'm 36 have 2 year old twin boys...

Term Life Insurance Canada

term life insurance canada. Shop Life Insurance Quotes in CanadaTerm Life Insurance Quotes Canada. Main Menu. Life Insurance Canada. … Life Insurance Quotes Canada. Shop life insurance quotes in Canada. … Life Insurance Calculator.

Kanetix Study Shows Auto Insurance Premiums Dropped 21% in Q1 2007

Today, kanetix (, Canada's insurance marketplace, released results of a recent study showing that through, Ontario shoppers are getting online insurance quotes that are on average about 21 per cent ...

"Compensation to insurance companies has been excessive."

"COMPENSATION TO INSURANCE COMPANIES HAS BEEN EXCESSIVE" That is what the GAO will tell congress today. The agency is talking about the TAXPAYER FUNDED CROP INSURANCE PROGRAM.

Free Auto Insurance Quotes Could Equal Big Savings - Pratt Tribune

Pratt Tribune, Free Auto Insurance Quotes Could Equal Big Savings Pratt Tribune, KS - 1 hour ago (ARA) - Did you know that most people are not getting the best price for their auto insurance?

Insurance agents suggest flood insurance

Is your home protected in case of a flood? With hurricane season around the corner insurance agents are warning homeowners to buy coverage now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Behavioral health insurance parity for federal employees.

Behavioral health insurance parity for federal employees. N Engl J Med. 2006 Mar 30;354(13):1378-86.

Allianz Life Insurance Company Of North America Partners With ...

"The 11th annual Hispanic Marketing Midwest conference, produced by Aguilar Productions, and presented by Allianz Life will be held at Saint Paul RiverCentre on April 25th, from 8am to 4pm. Aguilar Productions, based in St.

Blog insurance

Insurance company refuses to cover law firm’s blog “A law firm in New Jersey has temporarily halted plans to launch a blog because its insurance company would not cover the blog under an existing malpractice insurance policy.” ...

Insurance premiums

For 2 1/2 months my employer took my share of the insurance premiums out of my checks, but did not pay their portion of the premium, which resulted ... (Replies: 1)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cheap Car Insurance - 7 Tips To Reduce Your Car Insurance Costs

With the cost of car insurance becoming more and more of an issue for the average American family, there are increasing numbers of people looking for cheap car insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

Our website contains the most current data on whole life insurance , with a complete compilation of informative articles and reviews. We have articles and commentary about whole life insurance and related topics.

Comment on "Insurance Company Rewards Thinner Customers"

Here in Canada it's one of the factors insurance companies use to determine risk as well, there was a big discussion about it recently.

Shrink your BMI — and your insurance bill

Reported on MSNBC: Amid a growing obesity epidemic in the United States, an insurance company has started giving customers another reason to slim down by being one of the first in the nation to offer discounts to customers who keep a ...

Leonard E. Burman, Jason Furman, Greg Leiserson, Roberton Williams ...

The paper describes the new standard deduction for health insurance, proposed in the FY2008 Budget, and evaluates the extent to which it would meet its stated goals of expanding health insurance coverage and restraining healthcare ...

Mortgage Term Life Insurance

The mortgage term life insurance pays the beneficiary with amount covered in case the borrower suffers from critical illness, incapacitating accident, or depressing death. The borrower brings home the income to repay the mortgage.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life Slices: Health Insurance

Okay, here we go again. Those of you who’ve been long-time readers will recall that I went without health insurance for several years while building my company.

Life Insurance Quotes Online

People who life insurance quotes online have an enormous responsibility on their hands, and our website is dedicated to offering valuable information and support.

Texas Life Insurance Quote

Many people across the world are taking advantage of the numerous benefits of texas life insurance quote .

Corporate-owned life insurance settlement computer system

A computer-aided method including: generating output with a computer system by processing input data and thereby producing at least one of the group including: an illustration including a party without an insurable interest in a life ...