Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Insurance Words Their Meanings: A Glossary of Insurance Terms ...

Providing a broad spectrum of definitions, from basic automotive terms, to stamp collecting terms, and construction terms, this ready-reference is your all-in-one reference to understanding the most commonly used insurance words.

Harney asks business review panel to advise her if Irish health ...

The Government today announced the establishment of a business review panel to determine whether the Irish health insurance sector, as currently regulated, can be profitable.

Additional Insurance for Psychiatric Nurses in Ireland

A program providing additional insurance for psychiatric nurses in Ireland has finally been given the green light . The government said 'yes' to what would amount to additional, special insurance.

Individual Insurance - Business Analyst - 2 Queen St. East

Manulife Financial Corporation (Toronto ON): "..."Manulife Financial's Individual Insurance organization is a leading provider of insurance products to Canadian families, individuals and businesses. We are recognized in the..."..."

Kevin Federline signed by insurance company to star in Super Bowl ad

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Britney Spears no longer wants him as her husband and audiences have been cool to his attempt at a rap music career, but Kevin Federline has Nationwide on his side.

Employer contributions for health insurance for retirees

Ceresia Jones v Board of Educ. of Watertown City School Dist. 01/06/2005 Other Courts 2005 NYSlipOp 50306(U) 2004-875 NYSUT Office of General Counsel (Robert T. Reilly, Esq. , Associate Counsel) for Plaintiffs Matthew R. Fletcher, Esq.

Maybe you can afford health insurance

As an agent, I often hear my potential clients tell me that they’ve already spoken to an agent and they just could not afford the price of health insurance that he or she quoted him. When they tell me the quote, I am quite astounded.

Are You Working for the Banks or the Insurance Companies?

Ok, this blog might offence some friends in the insurance industry. If you are open minded enough, read on. If not, stop here and do not proceed further.

House to vote on Insurance legislation

Tallahassee -- The Florida House is prepping insurance legislation for a floor vote this afternoon, in hope of sending a bill to the Senate by the end of the day.

Four Reasons for Crop Insurance Program Success

The Federal Crop Insurance Program has succeeded due, in large measure, to the consistent application of the following four fundamental characteristics: (1) The federal crop insurance program is a unique public-private partnership that ...